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The von Scheven company has been producing ball valves for 3 generations solely in Germany. The standard range comprises 2-way, 3-way and multi-way ball valves. Our product configurator enables you to navigate through our entire portfolio of products easily and quickly. We, as the manufacturer, can find individual solutions for the customer´s most varied requirements whenever the right product is not readily available. Technicians and engineers place their expertise at the disposal of our customers. All branches of industry are served by von Scheven ball valves. The fields of applications in engineering are electrical power, hydraulics, vehicles, chemicals, petrochemicals, mining and environmental technology.

Our awareness of quality is emphasized by all certificates, ranging from the ISO 9001 quality-management certificate to the product certificates like for example DVGW and Fire-Safe.


  • Flange ball valve KFK-B, Ductile cast iron, with DIN Flange

    The KFK-B type ball valve consists of a 2-part body. Up to nominal width DN 100, the flange is screwed into the body. From nominal width DN 125, the two body parts are flanged together. The stem is blowout-proof with a two-fold O-ring seal. It is possible to attach the actuators via the standard ISO flanged connection.

  • 3-way changeover ball valve DBI-C with female thread

    Up to DN 25, the ball valve type DBI-C consists of a block body, from DN 32 it consists of a forged body with connector screwed in on both sides. When using this ball valve, please note that, concerning the seal, this is a changeover ball valve. Pressure inlet must therefore be in the centre. Actuators can be attached by means of an extension kit. This retrofit requirement must be specified when placing the order (additional charge).

  • Ball valve KSAE-DR-C, steel, with swivelling SAE flanges


    KSAE-DR-C type ball valve consists of a block resp. forged body with connector with male thread screwed in on both sides including SAE flanges. The flanges are of a swivelling design due to the threaded connection between the SAE flange and the ball valve fitting. Up to nominal width DN 25, the stem is fitted from the outside by means of a fitting. Simple replacement of the stem seal is ensured by the fitting used.


  • Heat-resistant floor-drain ball valve

    Engineers of Rudolf von Scheven GmbH, jointly with a German mechanical engineering company, have developed individual floor-drain ball valves. The primary objective of the co-operation…
  • Successful TR certification (formerly GOST-R)

    TR certification (formerly GOST-R) was successfully completed. With this certification, we have met the basic condition for the barrier-free export of our ball valves to…
  • "No standard" is our standard

    We don’t leave our customers in the dark. A project’s success is determined, among other things, by the collaboration between suppliers and customers that already…