Premium-quality components and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods are essential prerequisites when it comes to creating products designed for the smooth handling and management of fluids. This process also calls for dedicated experts with a supreme understanding of their craft. As no two ranges are identical, we are miles away from the drudgery of the assembly line here. Every ball valve is a unique specimen, if you like. From the very first touches right through to the final checks. Of course, we too find a use for efficient and cost-effective technologies of the next generation. Despite our high-powered, numerically controlled machining centres, special machinery and robot-loaded rotary transfer machines, however, once our automated processes are complete we still rely on the familiar attributes of discerning craftsmen. On manual dexterity, intuition and human flexibility. Our greatest asset: the von Scheven workforce. Without this first-class team our ball valves would not be amongst the best in the world, We’re sure of that. And success proves us right.