The culture of any business is determined above all by the motivation and commitment of its workforce. Achieving this is largely a matter of subtle leadership, efficient operating procedures, transparent communication channels, flat hierarchies and a willingness to discuss and solve complex tasks through a constructive dialogue that also challenges existing ideas and positions. We have conveyed this business philosophy in architectural form by incorporating open spaces into our administration building – as a reflection of the way we interact with our colleagues. Looking ahead, the ability to exchange information rapidly and to show organisational flexibility in terms of administration, design and production will be increasingly vital, especially given the need within our expanding industries to remain globally competitive and to innovate.
Our experienced customer support teams can draw on an extensive network of contacts and information. They can give you all the advice you need on the most reliable valve technology, specific solutions, industry standards, directives, regulations and statutory record-keeping obligations. We can even provide all this support at the planning stage. You never know, perhaps our ideas might just spark off a completely new train of thought on your side.

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