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Ball valve VSK-D

Stainless steel

With weld ends, fully welded

DN 10-250

PN max. 40

40 – with weld ends, fully welded
Temperature range
Standard: Operating pressure is dependent on the operating temperature
PN 16 = -40 °C to +165 °C
PN 25 = -40 °C to +140 °C
PN 40 = -40 °C to +90 °C
Other temperatures on request.
Range of use
The ball valve is suitable for all non-corrosive media such as, e.g. district heating, heating water, cold water for air-conditioning, oil and compressed air.
Electric and pneumatic drive units can be subsequently retrofitted on all ball valves by means of special easy-to-fit ISO flanges.
Technical specification
The complete valve body and weld ends are welded together. There are no potentially leaking flanged or bolted connections on the valve body. The blowout-proof stem is externally sealed with two O-ring seals and a graphite reinforced PTFE washer pressed on by the media pressure. System safety is ensured by the possibility of replacing the upper O-ring seal up to DN 50 and both O-ring seals from DN 65 to DN 250.
Due to the design, not all items are used for all nominal widths. Please ask separately, where requirements exceed the standard conditions of use listed in this data sheet. As a matter of principle, the operating and maintenance instructions, in particular the safety instructions must be observed! Operating and maintenance instructions as well as the approval certificates can be downloaded at
We reserve the right to carry out technical modifications.